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Red Wolf Falls: A Luxury Log Cabin in The Hocking Hills         
Ohio's Hocking Hills...where the Best Things in Life are Free!     


Hocking Hills State Park Information:
In the State Parks you will find amazing black sandstone outcroppings, deep gorges, spectacular waterfalls, massive caves and towering trees. The area is rich in wildlife and the state’s rarest and most beautiful plants. 15,000 acres of the Hocking State Forest, State Parks and Nature Preserves surround you.

Enjoy hiking beautiful forest trails, kayaking spectacular hidden marshes of Lake Logan, horseback riding on miles of scenic state trails, bird watching, unique shopping and exquisite dining experiences! There is so much to do in Hocking Hills, but you may find that you don’t want to leave the quiet seclusion of Red Wolf Falls!


  • Hike to Horseman’s Camp.
  • We are 1 mile from Rock House.
  • 3 miles to Conkle's Hollow, Airplane Rock & Chapel Cave
  • Also within 5-10 miles of Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Cantwell Cliff, Rockbridge and Rose Lake.

Ohio's Hocking Hills boasts some of the most spectacular and accessible rock formations in the country! There are six major hiking regions in Hocking Hills State Park with over 25 miles of trails, (click the links for a PDF trail map): Cedar Falls, Conkles Hollow, Cantwell Cliffs, Old Man's Cave, Rock House and Ash Cave. Each is captivating and has its own unique character offering several days worth of discovery for the casual to advanced hiker.

Below are amazing facts and photos from our own personal adventures throughout the Hocking Hills! Give us a call if we can help in your discovery of all the hidden treasures of Hocking Hills! 

The area has so many great experiences to offer with the perfect price:  FREE!

Note: Website & Photographs are property of Red Wolf Falls


Old Man's Cave is the most popular hiking region in the park. It features beautiful waterfalls, swirling pools, steep cliff faces and unique bridges. The area has five sections: an upper falls, upper gorge, middle falls, lower falls and lower gorge. Old Man's Cave is approximately 1 mile long and takes about an hour to hike.


Cedar Falls is among the most magnificent waterfalls in the Hocking Hills.  A succession of valleys pours into a steep-walled gorge and a waterfall that flows gloriously over a 50-foot cliff!  The path to the spectacular waterfall is surrounded by towering hemlocks.  The trail is a 1/2 mile and takes about 40 minutes to hike. 

Hikers can also enter Ohio's Buckeye trail at Cedar Falls and hike to Ash Cave or Old Man's Cave.  This is a 3 mile trek to either cave.

Cantwell Cliffs is one of the Hocking Hills more remote hiking regions. It is best known for its massive overhanging horseshoe-shaped cliff, winding passages, steep slopes and rock shelter.  Visitors proclaim Cantwell Cliffs as the most picturesque area in Hocking Hills.  A winding trail follows a narrow passageway and ends in a rock shelter. The trail is about a mile and takes 1 - 1 1/2 hours to hike


Conkle's Hollow is considered one of the deepest gorges in Ohio. It offers steep cliffs, hemlock-lined trails and awesome views. The valley floor is a wilderness of wildflowers and ferns.  The area is rich with the state's rarest plants. The paved lower trail is wheelchair and stroller accessible. It has two trail systems - an upper and a lower trail. The rim is 2 1/2 miles long and the lower trail is about a mile. It takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours to hike the rim or upper trail and 1 hour to hike the lower trail.

Ash Cave features a winding asphalt trail that leads to the largest recess cave in Ohio. A spectacular misty 90-foot waterfall and unique rock formations have made this a popular place to visit for hundreds of years. There is an upper and lower trail at Ash Cave, each one approximately a 1/2 mile long. The lower trail is handicap accessible along a paved sidewalk ending in the large sandy region of the recess cave. It takes approximately a 1/2 hour to hike the trail.


Airplane Rock offers a panoramic view of Big Pine Valley. Airplane Rock is accessible by foot or on horseback. There are no signs that point to where the cliff is located. After four attempts we finally found this spectacular airplane shaped cliff. It was well worth all our attempts. It has to be the most incredible view in all of Hocking Hills!

Rockbridge The natural arch or bridge known as Rockbridge is more than 100 feet long and 10 to 20 feet wide. It gracefully arches 50 feet spanning a beautiful ravine and considered to be the largest natural bridge in the state. The trail leading to Rockbridge is very peaceful and secluded. The natural Rockbridge is accessible by hiking trail or canoe.

A few hundred feet beyond the bridge is the Canopy Tour's Zipline. One can hear the excitement in the distance.


Rock House, a grand tunnel-like corridor midway up a 150-foot cliff, offers visitors not only a peek into the past (the area once housed a hotel and was an alleged hideout for bandits), but also a view of the only "true" cave in the park system. The Rock House trail is about a 1/2 mile long and takes 30 to 45 minutes to traverse.

By taking trails on the bordering State Forest one can hike from Red Wolf Falls to Rock House. The trail is approximately 1.5 miles by foot or 3 miles roundtrip.

Rose Lake is a picturesque fishing lake with its own parking lot located off SR 374 via a 1/2-mile hiking trail which crosses one of the park's equestrian trails. A trip to Rose Lake is worth the short trek. Here you'll experience several habitats including a beautiful hemlock pocket amidst a hardwood hillside. This is one of our favorite hikes! Not only are you surrounded by the most beautiful pine forest, but you will most likely have Rose Lake all to yourself! Valid Ohio fishing license is required.


Chapel Cave blew us away when we stumbled across it on our journey to find Airplane Rock. This is a true cave- one can walk right into the pitch darkness!  The cave is also known as 21 Horses because the cave is large enough to house 21 horses! The terrain leading to Chapel Cave is absolutely breathtaking! From the cliff tops and massive rocks one will be blown away by the view down below of the towering pine and hemlock that fill the hollow! 

Lake Logan is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ohio, ideal for fishing, boating, bird watching and swimming.  The 400 acre lake is the ultimate fishing spot for northern pike, bass, bluegill, crappie, muskie, catfish and saugeye.  Kayak the spectacular hidden marshes of Lake Logan. Stop by the marina for all your needs- from boat rentals, bait and tackle to snacks and cold drinks.  There is also a 527-foot public swimming beach.  Across from the beach, the mile-long Pine Vista Hiking Trail takes you through a woodland paradise surrounded by the soothing sights and sounds of wildlife!  Part of the Buckeye Trail runs through the park close to the Hocking Hills State Forest! 


  Memories of days spent with loved ones, among the timeless beauty of Hocking Hills, never seem to fade


"I wanted to thank you for the use of your beautiful cabin.  Our family had a wonderful time and made some great memories.  Our timing was incredible - on Friday & most of Saturday everything was snow covered and the falls were frozen solid.  We have pictures of us playing on the ice in front of the falls.  By Sunday, the temperatures warmed and melted everything - feeding the waterfalls which eventually broke through parts of the snow and ice.  Quite a site.  Ash Cave was spectacular with a 20 foot tall, 15 foot wide ice sculpture at the center of the flowing waterfall.  Amazing - I never expected to see this in Ohio."   The Howard Family- Dublin, OH  Photo taken by Lars Jensen 


Red Wolf Falls Log Cabin
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